Alpe Adria Championship and RR IMRC Cup: organizational instructions for the first event

We are sending you organizational instructions for the first Alpe Adria RR Championship and IMRC Cup event at the Slovakia Ring.


Entry to the paddock is possible on Thursday, May 12 from 7 p. m. until midnight and on Friday from 7 a. m. If you arrive at another time, we will gather you in the parking lot in front of the entrance to the area, where you will also have access to electricity.
We would like to ask you not to park in spaces behind the boxes that you did not rent. Our coordinators will be present at the paddock, and they will guide you, based on who has a rented box and where it is. It is your responsibility to follow their instructions.


– An administrative check will take place in the Race Office (the main tower on the ground floor). Each rider will bring to the administrative check a signed application form, which he received in an email after the online registration, a license and a proof of payment.
After the administrative check the rider will receive a wristband (to be checked at the Exit to the track), the timetable, agency instructions and 4 pcs of labels for the whole season for their team members (without them they will not be able to get to the pit lane or on the track, in case of loss, a new one will be issued for a fee of 20 €).
Technical check will take place in box no. 0.
Administrative and technical check will be at these times:
– Thursday 8 p. m. – 11 p. m.
– Friday 7 a. m. – 7 p. m.
– Saturday 7 a. m. – 3 p. m. (only technical check)


Riders briefing is mandatory and will take place on Friday at 6,30 p. m. in the VIP room on the first floor next to the box no. 20.
Briefing times for each class:
Friday 6:30 p. m. – 125 SP/125 GP/Moto 3 + IMRC Cup
Friday 7 p. m. – SST 600, SSP
Friday 7:30 p. m. – SST 1000, SBK


To participate in the IMRC Cup series we accept licenses from all EU countries, who have federations registered with FIM Europe. It is necessary to be the holder of an international license type “A” or national license type “B” (in this case it is necessary to have starting permission for abroad).


Everybody (rider or the member of his suite) has access to the spectators´ tribunes at 50% discount, that is 2 €/main tribune and 1,50 €/other tribunes. Tickets can be bought all day on Friday at the promoter’s in the Race Office


If you have any questions, please contact us either at: or directly at: +421 918 736 557.

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