Championship of the Czech Republic as a part of MOTOCh series

We are sending you news from the upcoming MOTOCh series, where you will learn❱❱

An introduction to the new championship MOTOCh

We have recently informed you about our resignation from organizing the Alpe Adria series,❱❱

Slovakia Racing Agency is leaving Alpe Adria and joining a new championship

Dear riders, we would like to announce to you that after three years we❱❱


Alpe Adria Road Race Journal from Slovakia Ring is coming on the Internet

After broadcasting on televisions there is another part of Alpe Adria Road Race Journal❱❱


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MOTOCh – First of all we would like to ensure you that we are going to organize the MOTOCh series in the same way and with the same quality, we are famous for. With massive media coverage (which is yet to spread), Prize Money, marketing, service in the paddock, care for riders and so on.

International Motorcycle Race Cup (IMRC MMSR) / IMRC Cup

International Motorcycle Race Cup (IMRC MMSR) / IMRC Cup

International Motorcycle Race Cup (IMRC) is a prestigious series organized by authorization of the Slovak Motorcycling Federation, that consists from Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Czech cup, etc. The IMRC project began in season 2012, but soon found its supporters among riders, professionals and fans.